Backstage, we see a shot of a serious talk between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. We can hear HBK say “no” as he walks off and an upset Triple H stares him down.

A video package runs hyping Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton tonight.

WWE Championship – Hell in a Cell Match
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

WWE COO Triple H walked out with the WWE Championship belt before the start of the main event. Triple H extends his hand to Bryan smiling and Bryan refuses to shake his hand. The Hell in a Cell lowers around the ring and the bell rings.

Bryan and Orton exchange shots early on. Orton with a snap powerslam early. Bryan drops Orton’s jaw off the top rope. Bryan goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick to the chest of Orton. Bryan with body kicks to Orton in the corner. Orton cuts off Bryan with a quick dropkick. Orton drops Bryan over the top rope. Orton again drops Bryan over the ropes. Orton with a charge to Bryan sending Bryan into the side of the cell structure and follows by sending Bryan shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Orton picks up the top part of the steel steps and hits Bryan in the shoulder with it. Orton tosses the steps away and picks up the bottom steps instead. Orton sits them up near the cage. Orton grabs the head of Bryan and pushes it into the side of the cell. Bryan counters and irish whips Orton shoulder first into the steel steps. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Orton and then sends him face first into the side of the cell repeatedly. Back in the ring, Bryan with a hook of the leg and Orton kicks out. Bryan with big chest and back kicks to Orton. Bryan gets Orton in the tree of woe in the corner, gets in a few kicks, backs up and connects with a big jumping dropkick. Orton blocks a dropkick from Bryan holding on to the ropes, but Bryan immediately fires back with a big dropkick that sends Orton over the top rope to the outside. Bryan with a suicide dive through the ropes sending Orton back first into the side of the cell. Bryan does this a second time to Orton. Bryan attempts a third time and Orton pushes Bryan head first into the cell.

Orton has Bryan up on the top turnbuckle landing some big right hands. Bryan counters and connects with a powerbomb on Orton using the second rope. Bryan and Orton exchange big uppercuts. They turn up the speed of the uppercuts between the two. Bryan catches Orton with a big jumping clothesline. Bryan lands a dropkick in the corner, second dropkick and then starts kicking Orton in the chest. Bryan with a top rope huricanrana on Orton. Bryan goes up top and connects with his flying headbutt. Bryan hooks the leg and Orton kicks out after two. Bryan with more kicks to the chest of Orton. Orton with a rollup for two. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock countering out of the pinfall and gets it locked in. Orton reaches for the ropes and HBK yells out that we have no rope breaks in this match. Orton pushes off and slides to the outside. Bryan sends Orton shoulder first into the side of the cell repeatedly. Bryan then squishes Orton’s face against the cell and follows with a big running dropkick to the jaw. Bryan grabs a steel chair, hits Orton in the gut with it and cracks it over his back three times. Bryan tosses the chair back in the ring and grabs a second throwing that in the ring. Bryan brings in a third chair, walks around the ring and gets a fourth chair. Bryan tosses in a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth chair. Bryan grabs another chair and says, “Out of my way Shawn.” Bryan cracks that chair over the back of Orton. Bryan tosses Orton back in the ring with a sea of chairs all over the mat. Orton rakes the eyes of Bryan hitting him with a chair.

Orton with another shot to Bryan using the chair, covers and gets a two count. Orton cracks the chair over the back of Bryan again, another cover and another kick out by Bryan. Orton starts collecting the chairs putting them on top of each other in the middle of the ring. Orton picks up Bryan, tosses him up to the top turnbuckle and is teasing a superplex. Bryan with shots to the ribs of Orton and a headbutt. Orton crotches Bryan up top. Orton with a superplex on Bryan over the chairs. Bryan’s legs caught most of the chairs on the way down, Orton covers and Bryan kicks out. Triple H is walking back out and walking around the cell at ringside. He is arguing with HBK about the last three count. Bryan catches Orton with a boot in the corner. Orton counters and launches Bryan over his head. HBK is still arguing with Triple H missing the pinfall attempt by Orton. Orton yells at HBK to do his job. Triple H joins in. Orton says HBK has been slow counting him all night. HBK tells Triple H to get off his back. HBK yells back at Triple H, “Let me do this!” HBK returns to the ring as Orton counters a Yes Lock attempt. Orton tosses Bryan through the ropes, hangs on and drops him with a DDT. Triple H takes off his jacket and starts jumping up on the cell to get HBK’s attention. Referee bump when Bryan pushes Orton into HBK. Triple H is asking if he is alright. Triple H grabs a WWE medical employee and orders the cell door to be opened. In the ring, Bryan lights up Orton with a huge knee to the head! Bryan is trying to help HBK up to do the count.

Triple H gets in the cell and tosses Bryan away. Triple H is checking on HBK. Bryan backs up shaking his head. Bryan runs forward and takes out Triple H with a running knee to the head. HBK then walks up and takes out Bryan with Sweet Chin Music. Orton hooks the leg. HBK drops down and counts the pin.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, we see a shot of an upset Shawn Michaels leaving the cell and heading to the back. Randy Orton is handed the WWE Championship and he starts to celebrate as the Hell in a Cell structure is lifted back up. WWE officials are checking on Daniel Bryan as we see a shot of Orton helping Triple H to his feet. Triple H smiles and holds up the arm of Orton. We go off the air with Triple H and Randy Orton celebrating the win.

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