Jim Ross has a new blog up on his official website at this link talking about when the results of the 2009 WWE Draft and 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft will go into effect:

“The WWE Draft results will really kick in the day after Backlash for the majority of all the talents affected. The only exception that I can think of is that MVP will defend the U.S. Title against Dolph Ziggler at MSG on the Tuesday night taping of Smackdown at the World’s Most Famous Arena. I can’t tell you how excited I get when give the opportunity to work in MSG. It is a magical place in an extraordinary city.

I am under the impression, however, that going forward after Sunday’s Backlash that there will be very little if any mingling of the three WWE brands or at least it is my impression that is the definitive goal. If this can be done, it will allow more new faces to get some TV time and also facilitate some of the younger, established talents with the opportunity to become main eventers.”