PWInsider is reporting that WWE is working hard to sign former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy to a new contract as his current deal with the company is believed to be expiring in the next two to four months.

Hardy, who made his return to WWE in August 2006, has not been receptive to any of the longer term deals the company has offered him. WWE even reportedly went as far as to offer Hardy a one year deal so they can lock him in for the time being while working towards a longer deal. As of now, Hardy has not agreed to that offer either.

Hardy’s contract situation with WWE is believed to be the main reason why his feud with brother Matt Hardy has been booked the way it has with Jeff continuing to lose. It is believed at this point that Jeff has no interest in going to another company like TNA or ROH (or he hasn’t stated this openly to anyone) and is looking to break away from the full-time WWE schedule. It should be noted that TNA sources have stated that they have had no contact with Hardy as of late.