Seth Rollins speech

Some members of the Wrestleview staff attended RAW in Montreal on April 30.

Here is what happened after RAW went off the air:

Seth Rollins helped Finn Balor back up to his feet. They shake hands and Finn leaves. Seth stays celebrating with the crowd in Montreal.

Rollins grabs the microphone, puts the Intercontinental Championship in the middle of the ring and goes on one knee. Then gets back up and tells the crowd that he wasn’t exaggerating about the travel. (During RAW, Seth had mentioned in his promo that they had traveled all over, South Africa, St. Louis, Saudi Arabia…) Also, he wasn’t exaggerating when he told us that there is no place he’d rather be than right here.

He brings up how it’s hard for the WWE Superstars to be away from home, away from their wives, kids and dogs. “The truth is, you guys are my family man. You’re there for us, you’ve got our backs. You make this ring feel like home.”

“One more time from the bottom of my heart, Merci Beaucoup!”