According to data on, WWE Studios’ “12 Rounds” starring John Cena drew an estimated $775,000 this weekend finishing at No. 14 overall running on 908 screens (down from the 2,000 screens it played on during its first two weekends of release). The film has earned $10,740,000 in North America and another $1.6 million in foreign markets to date.

PWInsider is reporting that in comparison, “The Marine” (also starring John Cena) drew $15,440,515 after its third weekend of release and “The Condemned” starring Steve Austin drew $8,635,183 (both domestic and foreign).

Here are numbers of how things stand for all of WWE Studio’s projects:

1. “The Marine” starring John Cena: $22,165,608
2. “See No Evil” starring Kane: $18,420,968.
3. “12 Rounds” starring John Cena: $12,385,691 (to date)
4. “The Condemned” starring Steve Austin: $8,635,183