Matt Hardy on his previous High Voltage gimmick, XFL showing interest in Orlando for team

Matt Hardy on his previous High Voltage gimmick

WWE has posted a new “Formerly Known As” episode following Matt and Jeff Hardy around their native North Carolina and how Matt was previously known as High Voltage.

The Hardy brothers take a tour of the former fairgrounds they used to wrestle at as part of the promotion they created with a local promoter in the area.

Matt also shares a funny story about how his High Voltage name ended up being used in WCW for a tag team (Robbie Rage and Kenny Kaos) that debuted in 1996 on television based off a demo tape that he sent in of him wrestling.

You can check out the full episode above courtesy of WWE.

XFL showing interest in Orlando for team

The Orlando Sentinel is featuring an article about officials involved with Vince McMahon’s newly relaunched XFL project reaching out to Allen Johnson (executive director of Orlando venues) about putting an XFL team in the city at Camping World Stadium.

This news comes just one month after the new start-up league Alliance of American Football (which launches in 2019 as a competitor to McMahon’s XFL) would also be bringing a team to Orlando at Spectrum Stadium coached by Steve Spurrier.

Johnson discussed the call with XFL officials and the prospect of two teams in Orlando.

“We were told that there is preliminary, high-level interest in Orlando and they would get back to us at a later date. They did mention in the call that they were aware of the other league (the Alliance) and felt that the Orlando market could support two teams. We’re always excited about events that we can add to the great variety of events that we already have at Camping World Stadium. The XFL would be a welcome addition.”

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