Sunday Night Heat, collections on Mickie James and The Stooges coming to WWE Network next week

WWE Network

WWE issued the following on Friday, announcing the new content that will be added to WWE Network next week, including a full year of Sunday Night Heat from 1998 to 1999 and collections on Mickie James and The Stooges.

WWE Network May 2018 Collections

WWE Network Collections showcase the very best of what WWE Network has to offer. With an incredible assortment of unforgettable matches and moments right at your fingertips, WWE’s massive video library has never been easier to navigate. Check out the new May collections available this Monday.

Patterson ‘n Brisco: The Stooges
Accomplished Champions, Legendary Entertainers, WWE Hall of Famers… Corporate Stooges??? Join Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as they host their very own WWE Network Collection. You’ll hear first-hand from the bickering odd couple as they offer never-before-seen insights on their wildest matches and zaniest moments. Keeping the Chairman Mr. McMahon happy can cost you, and Patterson and Brisco often learned that the hard way. Whether it was finding themselves on the business end of beatdowns courtesy of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane, or getting mixed up in unpredictable 24/7 Hardcore Championship Matches, The Stooges always seemed to make us laugh. This Collection is a must-see for any fan of The Attitude Era.

Mickie James: Crazy Sweetheart
As a groundbreaking and powerful woman, Mickie James has seen and done it all. Mickie grants an exclusive interview to WWE Network and doesn’t pull any punches discussing her toughest opponents and most trying times inside WWE and out. Check out the matches that put the six-time champion on the map against the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Lita, Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus. Then, join Mickie as she helps empower the female superstars of today such as Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, and the “Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka. Energetic and magnetic, there’s no denying Mickie James’ ability to entertain the WWE Universe.

New Classic Content: May 2018
Journey back to the heart of The Attitude Era with the first full year of Sunday Night Heat. Debuting in the summer of 1998, Heat showcased WWE’s biggest Superstars like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Sable, DX, The Undertaker and more. In this Classic Content Collection, you get a small taste of the larger offering with 10 memorable episodes, including the lead-in to SummerSlam 1998 and Royal Rumble 1999.

Coming in June
* Money In The Bank
* The Godfather