Charlotte and Becky Lynch appear on WWE Playback

WWE posted a new episode of their online series “WWE Playback” on Friday featuring Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch watching back Lynch becoming the first Smackdown Women’s Champion at the Backlash 2016 PPV.

Lynch won the title in a 6-Pack Challenge featuring Carmella, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi and Natalya at the PPV event held in September 2016.

Museum honors WWE producer Adam Pearce

The Dan Gable Wrestling Museum posted the following on Twitter on Friday, noting that they recently honored former NWA Champion and current WWE producer Adam Pearce for his multiple reigns as NWA Worlds Champion with a display in the museum.

Pearce will be honored with a ceremony at the museum in late-July during their annual Hall of Fame weekend in Waterloo, Iowa.

Pearce won the NWA Title five times and is most known for his acclaimed “Seven Levels of Hate” series with Colt Cabana in 2012 before being hired as a trainer for NXT and then a producer for WWE in 2015.