has an interview up with WWE star and United States Champion MVP. Here are some highlights.

On how long it took him to get to WWE:
“It was just a matter of paying my dues along the way. You have to keep in mind that WWE is the best of the best within professional wrestling and you can’t just crack in those ranks straight away. You have to learn and perfect your craft. And it takes a while to do that, to compete at that level. And I’m glad that I didn’t come in straight away because when I did come in, it meant I could make an impact right away.”

On the benefits of traveling with WWE:
“Well we travel to so many different places and meet so many different people. The people in Luxembourg who don’t even speak English all know how to say “MVP sucks!”. And there’s something special about that. Whether we’re in Spain, France or anywhere, people are energetic and excited about our arrival. We’re in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces and I’m very proud of helping people forget about their problems, their woes and be able to vent some of that frustration by screaming at me.”

If he has ever encountered the cliche “old woman” in the crowd:
“Yes (laughs). There are still some places in the States where you get that old lady. I actually had an old lady endeavor to do me grievous bodily harm once. I enjoy that. I really dig that someone’s that passionate about loving me or hating me. There are places like that even now, even after we’ve exposed professional wrestling as entertainment. In years gone by it wasn’t presented that way, so there were guys that were really good at being the villain that actually got death trashed. But I still get the occasional bottle of water thrown at me.”

On getting into wrestling during his time in prison:
“Actually it was one of the guards ? he was an independent wrestler and would bring in video tapes and title belts.I was at work release, which is when you’re at the end of your prison sentence and you stay at a facility and work at a regular job out in the community. He told me he’d take me in his ring and teach me a bit. Needless to say the rest is history.”

If there’s more money in WWE than armed robbery:
“(Laughs) Oh yeah absolutely. You know I tell people all the time that now I’m making more money than I’ve ever legally made in my life. The beautiful part is I don’t have to look over my shoulder or worry about anybody kicking my door in and coming to collect me at two in the morning.”

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