The Houston Chronicle has a brief interview up with Jim Ross and Shawn Michaels that was conducted over WrestleMania 25 weekend in Houston, TX at this link (under the title “Chatting with J.R. and HBK”). The conversation with Michaels focused largely on WWE’s new production with High Definition technology. Michaels added, “I have found so much joy in the last year of seeing if I can tell a story and convey emotion and reaction without saying a word, as opposed to the days when I started having to use my entire body to get a point of view across. When I started, you didn?t focus so much on production, certainly not, gosh, down to the finest little detail of how you shifted your eyes or how you turned to somebody. A lot of the shots were far away from a still camera. There weren?t as many close-ups and intimacy. We can bring it all down to the subtleties of the shifting of an eye, because we know the camera will catch it. That has been a great thing to learn, and it makes it interesting for a guy who has been in it as long as I have.”