FOX is featuring an article about the news that broke earlier this morning that WWE has agreed in principle to a new deal to bring Smackdown Live to FOX next Fall.

According to the article, Smackdown would be shifting back to Friday night. It was not revealed if the show would continue to air live or go back to being taped on Tuesday.

The article also indicated the deal would include Smackdown airing on FOX’s flagship broadcast channel instead of cable outlets such as FS1 or FS2. WWE and FOX have continued to decline comment regarding the story breaking today.

ESPN’s Daren Rovell, who broke the story earlier today, noted on Twitter that WWE’s stock price skyrocketed again after news of the FOX deal. As of 2:45 p.m. ET on Monday, WWE stock was currently up to 58.63 with a near 14% increase today.