Trey sent this report in:

The following took place tonight at University of Texas at Austin’s Frank Erwin Center:

Dark match: mvp def dolph ziggler via Playmaker

1st match: six man tag match:miz/morrison and tyson kidd vs evan borne.
winners:the colons after evan’s awesome shooting star press

2nd match: elimination chase match with the winning team advance to the backlash elimination chamber:

mark henry w/Tony Atlas vs Finlay w/Hornswoggle vs Christian vs Tommy Dreamer

Finlay,dreamer, and christian advance in the Chase. Good ECW taping if you ask me.

Smackdown is up now

Matt hardy was was shown in the ring talking his peice about how Jeff seemed to be everyone’s favorite,A Hardy vs Hardy stretch match was announced for later.Eve was shown backstage interviewing Raw’s Kofi Kingston.

1st match:big show vs Kofi Kingston Winner:Big show via KO punch

Hardy vs Hardy stretcher match was plugged again. Khali/Singh was next,santino came out and demand competition which led to:

Santino Marella vs The Great Khali
winner:the Great Khali via Choke squash match

Gail Kim was out next in which she recieved a Huge Pop

Gail Kim vs michelle mccool
winner:Gail Kim

The Cutting Edge featuring John Cena was next.Edge ran his mouth as usual about how Cena was the people’s favorite.up next was the Colons vs Priceless

The colons vs Priceless winner via Million dollar dream:Priceless.Orton came out to survey the damage and do his usual heel routine then they posed.up next was the much anticipated stretcher match Hardy vs Hardy

Matt dominated most of the match,Jeff got his a few jabs but in the end Matt nailed Jeff with a chair landing Jeff on the stretcher.We want tables chants were heard all throughout the arena,matt crashed jeff through a table.winner:Matt Hardy.The Main Event was announced pitting the Champ defending his title against Edge.alot of back and forth between the two but in the end the Champ left Austin,texas with title in hand.

Winner via Attitude Adjustment: The Champ John Cena.

Overall,it was awesome to see Smackdown/ECW back in austin,hope they swing by sometime next year

Match of the night: Hardy vs Hardy stretcher match.