Josh Hammonds sent this report in:

Hey guys, long time lurker of Wrestleview here. You guys run a great site.

Here are the results from Smackdown in Austin, TX tonight:

Dark match: MVP is a victor over Dolph Ziggler via the Playmaker.

Matt Hardy opened the show calling out Jeff. Matt exclaimed that Jeff “should apologize to his fans and to him for being his brother.” Jeff, still suffering from WM25, walked to the ring and tried to jump Matt only to have Matt escape. But wait, it is the new Smackdown GM, the Mac Milliton, Teddy Long! Holla holla playa! Teddy announces Matt vs Jeff in a Stretcher Match!

Opening match of Smackdown was Big Show victorious over Kofi Kingston. Big Show caught Kofi with a right hook as Kofi was attempting a double axe handle from the top rope.

Next, Santino offered an open challenge to the back. Khali, looking for sexy “Santina”, came out and proceeded to squash Santino after a Punjabi Plunge.

Following Santino and Khali was Gail Kim vs Michelle McCool. Gail Kim took some nasty bumps, but escaped with a roll up reverse win.

The Cutting Edge followed the Divas. Tonight’s guest is none other than the new WHC: Cena. Good promo between the two. Cena was in Edge’s face for most of the promo. Edge almost nailed Cena in the kisser, but instead walked away to a chorus of boos.

Priceless vs the Colons next. Good back and forth match. Rhodes hit Primo with the Cross Rhodes for the victory. Randy Orton struted out, to the most heat of the night, and promoed the 6 man tag match at Backlash.

Last match of Smackdown: the stretcher match. Poor Jeff can’t catch a break against his brother lately. After missing a sitting swanton AND a Swanton Bomb onto the stretcher, Matt nailed him with a chair. That was all she wrote for the extreme enigma. At one point, if i remember right, Matt hit Jeff with three straight Side Effects.

Post-show bonus match: Edge Vs Cena for the WHC. Good match. Crowd loved the 5-knuckle shuffle. Cena ended it with the Attitude Adjustment…..again. Afterwards, Cena went over to a crowd of Cena haters and let them talk crap in his ear! He smiled the whole time and then bowed to the group, walked up the ramp, and left holding the WHC up high to close the show.

Biggest Pops:

1. Cena
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Christian (ECW)

Most Heat:

1. Randy Orton.
2. Edge
3. Matt Hardy

Match of the night: Jeff vs Matt. 2 1/2 stars.

Josh Hammonds