John Cena gives high praise to NXT star

John Cena attended MegaCon in Orlando over the weekend and gave particular high praise to current NXT star Velveteen Dream. During a Q&A session, Cena was asked if he would rather face Adam Cole, Ricochet or Velveteen Dream of NXT.

Cena responds that his answer may upset some people, but he would like to face Velveteen Dream. He goes on to make a Star Wars analogy, talking about how in Star Wars you would have the older Jedi look at the younger Jedi and declare, “I think he is the one.”

Cena added that he “thinks there is something special there.”

You can view the brief video of the question below.

Reigns responds to allegation he insulted young fan

Roman Reigns took to Twitter on Sunday to deny a tweet from a user that said that Reigns told a young fan to “get lost.” Reigns stated he was feeding his young son breakfast and talking to his daughter when a grown man approached him.

According to Reigns, he told the man he doesn’t get much time with his family and that the man stormed off. It appears the initial tweet that Reigns was responding to has now been deleted. There has been no video evidence of the claims made against Roman.

You can check out his statement on Twitter below.