Dave Power sent this in:

Dave Power and Mark Savage, hosts of Ireland’s wrestling radio show on http://www.wwr.ie attended Wrestlemania 25 last night.

Here’s some of the notes we took from last nights event:

Before the event started there was the Unified Tag Team match which many fans were surprised didn’t make it on to the pay per view. The fans were into Primo and Carlito who did some fantastic moves and they popped loudly on their victory.

JR and Jerry Lawler got outstanding reactions as did The Fink but Michael Cole was booed out of the Reliant Stadium, fans really hate this guy probably because they know Cole just treats it as a job and doesn’t have the passion that JR has.

During the Money in the Bank match, the crowd were definitely behind Christian and didn’t want Kane or Mark Henry winning the match. There was also a sizable pop for anytime MVP got near the briefcase and Christians unprettier on Punk off the ladder got a great pop but the finish with CM Punk left alot of people unhappy in the crowd. You may have seen a guy near where we were sitting putting his thumbs down immediately when Punk won the match. He was not the only fan doing this.

The Kid Rock musical bit went on a bit too long for the crowds liking, they really enjoyed All Summer Long but the other songs seemed lost on the crowd. The Divas Battle Royal was well received by the live crowd and they especially enjoyed Santina winning it and strutting his dance moves after the victory!

The Chris Jericho v Legends match went down well with the live crowd. Ricky Steamboat received a “You’ve still got it” chant after impressing the live audience with his exchanges with Jericho. Ric Flair still gets a great pop and the fans enjoyed Mickey Rourke’s involvement. There was a loud Lets Go Mickey chant from the upper tier as he stepped into the ring to knock out Jericho. Nice way to finish off the angle.

Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy was an exciting grudge match with the fans squarely behind Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy does need to change his music to stop initial pops but throughout the match he was booed by the majority. Alot of fans were surprised he got the win but it keeps the feud going.

Rey Mysterio v JBL didnt last too long but Rey got a great pop for the Joker mask. JBL received a Goodbye chant and when he said he quit it was received by a loud cheer from the 70,000 plus crowd.

Taker and Shawn Michaels was the showstealer as many predicted. The fans were split on this one which made it even more exciting. There was so much reaction to every near fall, every reversal and submission move that was put on HBK and Taker respectively. The crowd loved the HBK entrance. When the match was over both men received a standing ovation that they richly deserved.

The Triple threat match was next and John Cena got a great pop when his old Word Life music hit, he should consider bringing it back in my view. Only the Cena fans were into this match and Cena still gets booed but not as much as he did at Mania 22, 23 or 24. I was just glad Mania 25 didnt end with Cena triumphant. That would have been a bit much to take.

Stone Cold Steve Austin got the loudest pop of the night when he came out on the four wheeler. He deserved it and it was a sad moment in a lot of fans minds because they knew this was more than likely the end of Austins appearances in WWE. Truly the end of an era in wrestling.

Main event time with the record attendance announced and my mate and former co host of www.wwr.ie Ger Walsh was seen in the crowd when they flashed up the attendance. Well done Ger!

The main event didnt match the excitement of Taker v HBK but the fans were still into it although there was definitely a split crowd. The amount of people that hate HHH is amazing to me but I can see why they dig Randy Orton, he has been superb these past 4 months. The ending was a bit premature for my liking but it was probably because they were running out of time on PPV. Some fans were disappointed that there wasn’t a Street Fight stipulation in the match but that will probably be added in the coming months!

All in all the fans were very pleased with the nights action and it definitely was an unforgettable event. Roll on Monday Night RAW tonight from the Toyota Center!

Till next time
Dave Power