Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels comments on having one more match

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently did an interview with Sky Sports and for the first time since his retirement from in-ring action back at Wrestlemania 26 in 2010, expressed interest in possibly having one more match.

“It would have to be done the right way and just for one match rather than something that ran for longer. It could be possible but people would have to accept they wouldn’t be getting the Showstopper, Mr WrestleMania, and that I’m 52 years old now.”

Michaels talked about WWE Champion AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and NXT star Johnny Gargano as possible opponents he’d like to face, but noted that it was more likely if he did have one more match, it’d be a tag match with Triple H.

Michaels has recently been working as a trainer for NXT and the WWE Performance Center over the past year.

The Miz on Smackdown going to FOX

The Miz did an interview with Busted Open on SiriusXM on Tuesday and talked about gaining more motivation with the announcement that Smackdown would be heading to FOX in 2019.

“Let’s put it this way, I get traded from RAW to SmackDown and as soon as I get traded to SmackDown all of a sudden, you know, FOX puts up a billion dollars. So I want to motivate and dedicate myself to where when we are ready to move from USA to FOX in 2019, I want to be the face of that show, of this show. And so that is my goal. I want to be in the middle of every poster. I want to have merch that literally everybody wants to buy, that everybody wants to see. Sometimes I look at my merch, well I haven’t had merch in literally a year and when I get merch I’m literally looking at it going, ‘I wouldn’t wear this.’ So I want merch that people look at and go, ‘I want to buy that, I want to wear that. That is something that is amazing and incredible.’ Like I want to basically be the superstar I believe I can be and I want my talents to be utilized in a way that I can succeed and I really am going to motivate myself and dedicate myself to be the face of the franchise when the FOX merger happens because moving to FOX, a network show, this show will be bigger. It’ll no longer the quote unquote the B show like everyone always says it is. It will be the A show and more people will watch it. So I’ll be interested to see what happens from a creative standpoint, from a marketing standpoint and from a WWE superstar standpoint.”