Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: WWE WrestleMania 25 (April 5)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: columnists and recappers (mentioned below)

**On a serious note: As I was typing this piece, it just tore me apart to know that Saturday morning three Pittsburgh Police officers were killed in the line of duty. It hits me deep because I have a member in my family that is a police officer there and thank heavens he is alright (it was not his zone). I don?t think they families of the fallen read this, but remember that all of you are in my prayers and I hope justice is served. Students and fellow peers of WrestleView, if you believe in prayer, pray for the families of the fallen today and the fallen in Oakland recently. Thank You.**

Hello once again everyone. I hope you have been counting down the days until professional wrestling’s ?Super Bowl? or ?World Cup? graces our television sets or computer screens. I think even a couple of columnists who sent in their predictions are going to this event live. But here we are students, WrestleMania!! The time where 24 years ago, a spectacle was born and it took professional wrestling to new heights. They started off with the likes of Mr. T, Ali, Liberace, and Lauper as celebrities. This year, it is Mickey Rourke and some Pussycat Doll. Everyone wants to be a part of WrestleMania, it is everyone’s dream. Some live it by actually being in the ring. However, some of us are willing to offer predictions on the Internet for the whole world to see. I, as well as other columnists on the greatest wrestling site in the world, have made our picks. They are set in stone and we can not change them after I send this e-mail, and Adam Martin posts them on Nine of the greatest columnists to grace your presence have offered their thoughts onto who will win the matches at WrestleMania. Tonight, you the students will get to see our predictions. This weekend to me is like Christmas, Easter, the Super Bowl, the World Cup, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Olympic Games all rolled into one event. The following faculty members have presented picks for this very special event (by order of wins for previous PPVs): (records are in 2nd set of parenthesis)

Joe Baiamonte (Dean of the Faculty and author of ?Baiamonte’s Casa?) (14-6)
David Stephens (Author of both ECW recaps and ?That’s a Wrap!?) (13-7)
Anthony ?Mr. V? Valvo (Author of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?) (10-10)
Matt O?Brien (Author of ?Notes From the Nosebleeds?) (9-3)
Jose Marrero (Author of ?Wrestling Rumblings?) (9-11)
Josh Boutwell (Author of both TNA Impact recaps and author of ?Viva La Raza!?) (8-12)
Phil Chroniger (Author of ?On Second Thought?) (7-8)
Sean Hurley (Author of ?The Sharp Shooter?) (6-6)

**Side Note: the WrestleView fans votes are always counted and their W-L records are based on average records as a whole. They currently stand at 13-7**

And debuting, the faculty welcomes?

Josh Piedra (Author of ?The Shoot?) (0-0)

Absent and excused in this edition of PPV predictions, but have participated in the past:

Doug Lackey (Author of ?Reality From Ringside?) (4-4)
Mike Klubnik (Author of ?Stylin? and Profilin??) (3-5)

**Students you can still vote after this column comes up and give me your predictions for Sunday’s Wrestlemania extravaganza. You can e-mail me your picks at The winner gets a ?Gold Star? for next week’s edition of ?F rom the Desk of Mr. V.? Since this is WrestleMania, after it is over, I will e-mail everyone who sent me their picks and ask if you want the record posted in my column, so expect an e-mail by Mr. V Monday or Tuesday.

So to all of my wrestling scholars, here are the faculty’s predictions for WrestleMania 25, Enjoy!! Oh, and our predictions are sponsored by: Hi-C Ecto Cooler. With 100% daily Vitamin C content, it is a refreshing way to start your day!!

WWE Championship Match: Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

Joe B. – HHH. Potential interference by Aurora Rose. Although if this match doesn’t go on last I think that means Orton wins. But I’m banking on it being the main event. Hopefully.


Anthony V. – Mr. V feels a swerve coming by one of those McMahons, and I think when it all comes down, it will be Vince turning heel. That said, I think the interference by Vince and Legacy gives RANDY ORTON the victory after a kick to the head.

Matt O. – ORTON over HHH. I agree that a McMahon will turn, even though it is overdone.

Jose M. – RANDY ORTON over HHH-Conventional logic would say that this match is screaming for Orton to get his and most fans would say that HHH would never job in a situation like this which is exactly why I think he will do the job. I really think this is all set up for a Stephanie McMahon heel turn. A turn that I felt was in the works since Orton originally came back. After all it has been Stefanie that has enabled him to be in certain situations and I think it will all lead to this the biggest win of Orton’s career.

Josh B. – RANDY ORTON. I agree with Anthony, I see Shane turning on Hunter and giving the Legend Killer the win even tho Trips and the fam made Legacy look unbelievably weak on this past weeks RAW.

Phil C. – ORTON will go over Trips, and this will lead to Orton and Legacy attempting to destroy the company f rom within. Don’t be surprised if SHANE turns, attempting to create his own legacy as a 3rd generation McMahon.

Sean H. – Orton SHOULD win but Triple H may win. It’s been a while since Triple H has won a wrestlemania match, almost too long. Orton retained last year, and although there might be a McMahon swerve in the works here, I’m going to pick Triple H against my better judgment. TRIPLE H it is.

Josh P. – Winner and STILL WWE Champion: HHH

Consensus: With a vote of 6-3, the faculty predicts the title to be in the hands of RANDY ORTON. We also predict a McMahon will be involved in this match, whether it is to help the challenger or the champion.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena vs. Big Show vs. Edge (c)


David S. – JOHN CENA I?m picking a heel winner for the other Title and there is just no way that the 25th installment of Wrestlemania is going to end with two heel victories. John Cena is sailing the flagship of the WWE right now and he is going to cement his place in history with this decisive victory on the grandest stage of them all.

Anthony V. – Though it hates me to say it, Vickie will be all alone after Wrestlemania. The Big Show will be a factor and Edge could be the best piece of this match, but I think when it all comes down to it CENA pins Big Show with a 485 pound FU for the win.

Matt O. – CENA over Edge and Show. I think they could do some interesting stuff with Cena and Vickie.

Jose M. – EDGE over Cena and Big Show- Sure Cena can win this match but I just cant fight the feeling that Edge is somehow going to find a way to survive this one as I think the lasting image of Wrestlemania will be him and Orton victorious signifying the newfound stars of WWE. This will be both Orton’s and Edge’s second year in the Wrestlemania main events. Oddly enough for the same titles and I don?t think it will be either of there last.

Josh B. – JOHN CENA. Just don’t see Superman (yes, I’m so being sarcastic when I say that) losing this one. A surprise win by Show or even Edge would be nice but I think all the little 9-12 year olds across the world will be happy once again.

Phil C. – Due to the fact that Orton is simply due for a win, the fans need to see at least one face walk out of Mania with a World Title…CENA pins Show after Vickie inadvertently causes Edge to be taken out. This sets up Vickie to leave Edge for Big Show, as well.

Sean H. – I’d say safe bet is John Cena, but my gut is telling me Big Show. Although we could have Edge win with Christian winning the MITB. Christian could then cash in the MITB later on in the night and defeat Edge. That would be crazy. Still, I’m going with my gut…BIG SHOW.

Josh P. – Winner and NEW World Champion: THE BIG SHOW

Consensus: With 5 votes, the faculty of WrestleView believes that the title will change hands, with JOHN CENA being victorious over The Big Show, who got 3 votes and Edge, who received one vote. Here is hoping also that we see less of Vickie each week, she is making some wrestling fans cry at this moment.

Intercontinental Championship Match: JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Joe B. – Tricky one to predict here but I’m going for REY REY.

David S. – JBL I dont want it to happen but if he is making a historic announcement he is going to need the win in this match (which will open the show) to build momentum.

Anthony V. – JBL with a big announcement, I wonder what it will be (my guess is GM on RAW, retirement is too predictable). With that in mind, the kids in Houston want to see a fan favorite like little Rey winning this match, so my pick here, in a close 619/frog splash combo is going to be REY MYSTERIO.

Matt O. – MYSTERIO wins I-C title.

Jose M. – JBL over Rey Misterio- I don?t know about retiring as champion but JBL has promised something historic and I feel it would start with a victory over Rey Misterio…of course JBL can lose the title and go on to eventually win one of the world titles but I think he will go over here.

Josh B. – REY MYSTERIO JR. What’s JBL’s announcement? I really could care less but I would imagine it’s something about his retirement. I got my favorite WWE star, Rey Rey, picking up the big win in the first I.C. Title Match on Mania in a loooooong time (first time since WM X8 right?)!

Phil C. – REY will win the title, JBL will become RAW GM.

Sean H. – Given that Rey won clean on Raw, and JBL is going to do something “historic” at mania, I’m picking JBL to retain. JBL.

Josh P. – Winner and NEW IC Champion: REY MYSTERIO

Consensus: With a vote of 6-3, we are going to have a NEW Intercontinental champion based on our predictions. REY MYSTERIO will be declared the winner, and JBL will either retire, go to the announce table, or (strangely) become the new GM of Monday Night Raw.

Unified Tag Team Championship (Lumberjack Match): Primo and Carlito (c) vs. MizMo (c)

Joe B. – The Doors…. I mean MIZMO.

David S. – Team MIZMO (and not just cause I coined their name in my ECW Recaps)

Anthony V. – I think this is not even close and I will tell you why. Primo and Carlito won their single matches on TV. The Colons have been getting over on TV recently, so creative does not want us to think that MizMo has a chance. I think a little cheating will help MIZMO with Morrison pinning Primo.

Matt O. – MIZMO over the Colons.

Jose M. – THE COLONS over Miz and Morrisson- This will probably not go over well with most as this would look like a match on paper that Miz and Morrisson have to win but I think with Legacy not really doing anything for themselves at the moment they have to step up after Mania and how can they do that if there are heel unified tag team champions? Sure you can turn MizMo babyface but it wouldnt have nearly the same impact as having them lose this match. MizMo does not need the tag titles to be over and you can always use this as the catalyst to start a feud between them that will hopefully elevate the very talented John Morrisson.

Josh B. – PRIMO & CARLITO. I am really lookin forward to this despite the stupid added stipulation. I’m all for them unifying the titles and I got the Colon Brothers takin the win in what should be a fun back and forth match. It’s so time for Morrison to go back to singles action though. Rey vs. Morrison feud over the IC Belt could make that title relevant again (what the IC Tournament should’ve done).

Phil C. – MIZMO, but this will not be the last we see of these two teams.

Sean H. – I’m picking MizMo. They are the team of the present and the future. MIZMO.

Josh P. – Winner and FIRST unified Tag Champs: MIZMO

Consensus: Team MIZMO will be the new Unified Tag Team champions based on the faculty’s predictions, voting for Team MizMo 7-2.

?The Streak Match?: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

Joe B. – TAKER by a country mile. HBK’s receeding hairline is gonna get bounced all over Houston.

David S. – UNDERTAKER The WWE did an amazing job building this feud up; Undertaker seems to be the Under-dog, go figure. The Deadman is still bringing this one home.

Anthony V. – No way, and I mean NO WAY does HBK win this. UNDERTAKER destroys Mr. Hickenbottom.

Matt O. – TAKER over HBK

Jose M. – UNDERTAKER over Shawn Michaels- A no brainer Undertaker is going to add another notch to the streak in what will more than likely be the show stealer.

Josh B. – UNDERTAKER. This should be an instant classic and has been by far the best part of the show since the feud started. HBK has really stolen the show in the feud and I expect him to steal the show on Sunday only to have the Deadman get his 17th win at the Granddaddy of them all. If this isn’t a match of the year candidate after it’s all said and done that would be the only way it could disappoint.

Phil C. – HBK will make it very, very close…but in the end, TAKER?S darkness will snuff out HBK’s light. Imagine a beating similar to Badd Blood ’97 and the Hell in a Cell match.

Sean H. – It’s hard to bet against the Taker’ at Mania. So I won?t. UNDERTAKER takes it.

Josh P. – Winner: THE UNDERTAKER

Consensus: UNDERTAKER 9, Shawn Michaels 0. In other words, every faculty member predicts the Undertaker to go 17-0 at the end of WrestleMania.

Legends Match (Elimination Match): Snuka/Piper/Steamboat vs. Chris Jericho

Joe B. – LEGENDS all the way. We’ll likely see a Jericho hissy fit post match which will be awesome.

David S. – LEGENDS They?ve taken way too much abuse the past month and a half, rarely coming out on top. Just think of all the legends in attendance that are involved in the match, plus the road agents, plus Mickey Rourke at ringside (who will absolutely throw a punch), and plus Steve Austin who is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame and thus will be at Wrestlemania for AT LEAST the recognition with the rest of the legends (come on he is definitely going to have involvement in some sort of segment, so why not this match?)

Anthony V. – I agree with many people as they want to see Jericho beat to a bloody pulp. We won’t see it with these legends sadly. I still smell another twist in this match before the ending of this match and I am going with my gut on this one. I will pick the LEGENDS, with Rourke helping out a legend, but I don’t think it will be one of the three advertised in this match.

Matt O. – JERICHO over the legends. Possibly Flair or Piper turning heel.

Jose M. – THE LEGENDS over Chris Jericho- This is such a easy story to tell and while it may not be the match everyone wanted don?t be surprised if it gets over very well with the live audience. I look for Piper to be the sole survivor of his team as thanks to some timely interference he will get the duke on Jericho.

Josh B. – THE LEGENDS. Jericho will beat the hell out of at least two of them (remember it’s Elimination rules) and then on the final one I’m guessing Rourke jumps the barricade to help the legend (Piper prolly) but Jericho puts him in the Walls and then the glass breaks and Austin stuns Jericho leading to the Ram Jam and a pin for the legend. Austin vs. Jericho is what this match should’ve been but whatever, this will probably be one of the weaker matches on the card. Just so much that Jericho can do with 3 50+ year old guys.

Phil C. – LEGENDS will win, but it will require a lot of effort, as Jericho will look like a machine that can’t be stopped. Rourke will interfere for the win, but I hope and pray for a Ram Jam.

Sean H. – Hmm…I don’t know about this one actually. Jericho could get the literal win but then be stooged out after the match. Or the legends can just beat him. I predict that the LEGENDS prevail.

Josh P. – Winner: THE LEGENDS

Consensus: With an 8-1 vote, though we all believe that Jericho will put the beatdown on all the legends, we still think that in some way, interference by the past wrestlers (and Mickey Rourke) will help the LEGENDS overcome the arrogant and cocky Chris Jericho

Extreme Rules Match: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Joe B. – Another tough one to call. ‘The Dean’ thinks MATT HARDY needs a big win to cement himself as a legitimate heel threat in the main event scene. I say Matt takes this one with Jeff winning a rematch at Backlash.

David S. – HARDY (Any chance I can get away with that pick) Seriously though, if they want this feud to continue the only logical way is for Matt to win. However I?ve heard garbage gossip that this isn?t supposed to turn into another Owen/Bret and won?t be continuing to Summerslam. Screw the rumors ? I?m going with my gut and former ECW Champion that is rocking the receding hairline MATT HARDY

Anthony V. – I am with Jose on this one. A good friend of mine and I were talking about this during the Pitt/Nova game and originally I wanted Jeff to beat the holy heck out of Matt. However, in the end if they want this intense feud to continue, I will have to go with MATT HARDY winning with a twist of fate on the steel chair. I think of the moment when Owen beat Bret in a WM match 15 years ago or something like that.

Matt O. – JEFF over Matt.

Jose M. – MATT HARDY over Jeff Hardy- Matt needs the win here. A win for Jeff does not really do anything for him but a win for Matt might get him to that next level. This will be the feud that defines Matt Hardy’s career as well as define Jeff Hardy’s value as a main eventer. I really think its Matt’s night.

Josh B. – MATT HARDY. Should be a wild brawl with Jeff taking at least one insane bump (prolly off the ladder), but I gotta go with the other, more boring brother. This feud is going to continue for a pretty good while I would imagine.

Phil C. – MATT HARDY, but both men will bleed, and both men will suffer. This should be and will be a brutal match with both men attempting to kill each other with insane moves. Don’t be surprised if Jeff attempts to hit a swanton at the top of the arena.

Sean H. – Matt Hardy SHOULD win, Jeff Hardy probably will win. I’m picking JEFF.

Josh P. – Winner: MATT HARDY

Consensus: This pick is the most surprising one of the card. By a vote of 6-3, the older brother Matt Hardy will be predicted the winner over his younger brother Jeff Hardy. Expect this rivalry to be more heated after this match.

25 Diva Battle Royal (18 current Divas and possibly 7 past divas)

Joe B. – I don’t even know all the participants for this. But I say if it’s a past diva it’s TRISH taking it all the way. I’ve got a feeling Santino will actually be in this match somehow and this is where his relationship with the Glamazon totally breaks down. This will allow MELINA to take the match.

David S. – This is a crapshoot here. If Trish was confirmed I?d go with her as this is for the Miss Wrestlemania Title and she would be most deserving in my book. My gut says that a diva is going to make a surprise appearance and win but I can?t just select ‘surprise? as my pick. If Trish is that surprise guest I?m going to kick myself for weeks. Instead I?m going to select a current Diva. BETH PHOENIX is my pick because I think talent-wise she is the most believable winner. On a purely attractive looks based level I would not pick her, but let’s be honest neither Maria nor Kelly Kelly are going to take this one. Marsye is too new, and already has a belt so she doesn?t need the rub. Honestly if Santino enters and wins this match I?m going to cry ? with tears of joy. But yeah, let’s go with BETH.

Anthony V. – still think Santino will be in this match, for entertainment value. I don’t like it, but if the diva alumni will not participate, the WWE has no choice. However, I think a legendary diva will win this. I will set my pick with TRISH STRATUS. If it is a current diva, I am going with Beth Phoenix.

Matt O. – BETH PHOENIX wins battle.

Jose M. – TRISH wins Ms. Wrestlemania- I think with her being involved in this year’s battle royal you have to feel this one is obvious and they should give it to her.

Josh B. – TRISH STRATUS. Again, this match should’ve been a one-on-one big time bout like Jericho/Austin should’ve and that would be Trish vs. Beth, but who can really complain with the amount of eye candy that will be in the match? I got Trish winning last eliminating Beth, Santino will probably worm his way in the match only to get eliminatined by Maria or something. Please, God, keep Mae Young out of this match.

Phil C. – I wish Sunny (**MR V. NOTE: After Phil sent me his e-mail, Sunny has been confirmed as a contestant, so don?t rip him on this one. **) was in this one, I’d like to see her win as she is the “original diva” of the WWF/E…however, I see MARYSE getting the win on this, as she has been getting pushed hard (for reasons unbeknownst to me).

Sean H. – I want to pick Santino, and I want to pick Trish, but Trish isn’t a current diva obviously, so why would Miss Wrestlemania be someone who isn’t actively on the roster. I’m picking BETH PHOENIX.

Josh P. – Winner: BETH PHOENIX

Consensus: Other than the fact that the winners in this match will be THE READERS AND COLUMNISTS of Wrestleview, we had to predict a final outcome of this match. Maryse may be the winner according to Phil, but as of now it is a split between TRISH STRATUS and BETH PHOENIX. However if Trish does not compete, Joe does have a back up plan with Melina. (Votes: Beth 4, Trish 3 (maybe 4), Maryse 1, Melina 1 (or 0)).

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shelton, MVP, Christian, Finlay, Mark Henry, Kofi, Kane, and CM Punk are all participating

Joe B. – Jesus… this is possibly the toughest to call of all. It’s a three way between Punk/Christian and MVP for me. I was MVP all the way until he took the US Title and now that’s cast a lot of doubt over my choice. Christian isn’t liked by Vince apparently but creative have a collective hard on for him which makes me think he just may take it. But maybe it’s too soon for him. Hmmmmm… could be Punk for a second time in a row. He had a great year last year. Nah… MVP I say. But he’ll lose his title shot when he cashes in.

David S. – SHELTON (as much as it pains me to not pick Christian, I just don?t see Vince letting it happen) Process of elimination on this one. I?m going to be bold and predict he will be the first superstar to cash in the briefcase and not win the title.

Anthony V. – I broke it down to probability on this. I say Henry and Kofi has NO chance at winning this match. Henry is just a fat body that will take bumps and Kofi is 2 years away at best. Finlay is a slim chance because though he is good, he won’t be victorious. Kane and MVP are believable, but Kane is nothing more than a scary monster mid-carder and MVP is at best a secondary title winner. CM Punk and Christian are favorites to win, but CM Punk never got over by mainstream as a champion and Christian for one reason or another is not on good terms with Vince. I seriously hope that he realizes Christian’s peep-ularity soon. I say it is time to give SHELTON BENJIMAN the title shot. He has been doing top-notch work for 10+ years for WWE and I think after 4 of these and taking the mad bumps he took during the years, it is his time to shine. They had to have a reason for Shelton to lose the belt to MVP, and I think this is the reason.

Matt O. – MVP wins MITB.

Jose M. – SHELTON BENJIMAN wins MITB- I made this prediction a while back in one of my columns and I sort of have to stand by it. Sure MVP and Christian are sexier choices but at the same time Shelton Benjamin has been in every MITB and has yet to win one where his credibility in this match is taking a pounding. A win in this match will help that as well as raise his stock a bit.

Josh B. – MVP. If they go one of four ways I’ll be happy and thats MVP, Kofi, Benjamin, or Christian. I don’t wanna see a repeat winner and Kane, Finlay, and Henry should come nowhere close to winning it (tho I do like Finlay). I just think this is too good to pass up to not give MVP the win. They had this guy job out to random ppl for so long and now they are building him back up (pin over HHH, U.S. Title win, etc.) and this is the perfect way to shoot him either further up. A guaranteed feud for the big belt in the future for him. If MVP doesn’t win, I would imagine it will prolly be ‘Captain Charisma.’ Am I the only one pissed off that guys like Kane & Henry are in the match while Evan Bourne isn’t even on the card? How is that even possible? They should at least give the guy a ECW Title shot in the opener or something. I agree with what David Stephens said in his ECW recap a few weeks ago, ECW is getting royally sh*t on at Mania (maybe not in those words lol).

Phil C. – I’m very 50/50 on this, either MVP or Punk will win. I’m going to say MVP, as putting the title on Shelton was an obvious move. However, I do see a Christian/CM Punk feud coming out of this, as well…and that will reek of all kinds of awesomeness.

Sean H. – I say CHRISTIAN.

Josh P. – Winner: MVP

Consensus: A very tough contest will be in hand with this match, as expected. However, the faculty thinks that CM Punk, Finlay, Kane, Mark Henry, and Kofi Kingston will not be declared the winner. We will not be surprised if Christian (1 vote) is the winner either, but we all know about Vince’s plans with him (though we disagree and place Vince in detention on this one). Shelton Benjiman (3 votes) was picked by three members because of his experience and how he lost the US title not even a month ago to MVP. However, the faculty has spoken and with the majority of 5 votes, when the dust settles and someone picks up the briefcase, the wrestler’s logo on the case will be that of?.MVP!


Usually I get these picks by the students of our classroom. However since we enter the grandest stage of them all, some of my young men and women sent me their predictions early (in which I am completely ok with). So, I won?t post the ?total? outcome, I will post which wrestlers are predicted the winner based on a fan-choice vote.

To all that sent me predictions in advance, I thank you. The predicted winners here are voted by the fans of our little segment as of Saturday. The fans can still e-mail me their predictions at anyways. The winner will be receiving the famous ?Gold Star? by yours truly, Mr. V.

WWE Title Match
Students? Choice: HHH

World Heavyweight Title Match
Students? Choice: Edge

Intercontinental Title Match
Students? Choice: JBL

Unified Tag Team Title Match
Students? Choice: John Morrison and the Miz

?The Streak? Match
Students? Choice: Undertaker goes 17-0

Legends Match
Students? Choice: Piper/Snuka/Steamboat

Extreme Rules Match
Students? Choice: Jeff Hardy

25-Diva Battle Royal
Students? Choice: Trish Stratus (Gail Kim is close and Santino got one vote)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Students? Choice: *Tie* (2 votes each): Kane, CM Punk, Shelton, Christian

Well class, this sums up the best predictions you will ever set your eyes on. I want to thank all the columnists who participated, as well as all my students out there who spent a weekend inside the classroom of Mr. V. As always, I thank you all for your support and in reading this column every PPV, as well as reading all our columns each week. Thank you to Adam Martin and Hunter Golden for reading this long e-mail once again and posting this before WrestleMania.

Assignment: Class, I am trying to think of a Christmas song involving WrestleMania, can you help me out? When one sang the hit ?It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year??, he actually was referring to WrestleMania I think haha.

Anyway to all my current readers and fans, I thank you all for reading this piece about our predictions. Until Thursday students, have a safe weekend. You are…DISMISSED!

As always, thanks to everyone for reading this.