Jeremy Samples sent this in:


I arrived to WWE AXXESS a little late due to the FanFest. I was only able to get down there around 7:15. They must read WrestleView, as my complaint about the cards situation yesterday was taken care of today. They did away with the card aspect, and it was just first come-first serve with the line. They could still improve it a little more if they would comfortably allow you to take a photo with a wrestler and if they didn’t close the lines off near the end of the AXXESS session. I was in line to meet Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. However, just as I was about to get to them, they switched off and on came…Mark Henr & FuNaki!! That finally happened to me…Oh, well…I got to meet them, anway.

Tonight, they held the THQ Superstars Video Game challenge. There were many interesting match-ups in the first round, such as Ted DiBiase Sr. v. Ted DiBiase Jr., Sgt. Slaughter v. CM Punk, Nikki v. Brie Bella, Ezekiel Jackson v. ‘The’ Brian Kendrick, who actually just let Brian win. Kofi Kingston made it to the finals against Cody Rhodes. Kofi Kingston ended up winning…and there was suprisingly a significant number of media present for the finals of the THQ Challenge. Shelton Benjamin came out after the contest, and challenged Kofi to a match next year. However, they ended up having the match-off tonight. Kofi came out on the top of that one, as well…So, I guess if you have Legends of Wrestling play as Kofi Kingston you can’t lose. Cody and Kofi had an interesting discussion about playing each other on XBox live with Halo. Jimmy Hart came back before the finals, as well, and Kofi picked Jimmy as his manager on the game. Thought it was interesting that Jimmy Hart was brought back as soon as he was finished with Booker T’s FanFest. It was also an interesting dynamic to see Jimmy in two different situations today.

Howard Finkel was the main host in Jimmy’s place tonight. It was intersting watching The Fink perform in the ring for so long. Howard and Jimmy also shared a memory about how Howard was the whole reason Jimmy ever got a job in the WWE.

So, AXXESS with the video game challenge was actually pretty good, as well.

Jeremy Samples