The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A up with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Here are some highlights.

On main eventing WrestleMania 24 last year:
“Oh, geez. I can?t say that I get nervous before matches, not to sound like a big tough guy or anything, but I?m more excited than nervous. So, I was really excited (laughs). I was over-excited, I think. I actually was so amped up that I lost feeling in my arms on my way down to the ring. I don?t know whether it was adrenalin or what. Basically, it was 30 years of buildup to that point for me ? maybe not quite 30, but a while ? and I just remember being in the ring, looking around and pyro’s going off, I?m wearing the heavyweight championship, and it was all very surreal. You always want that moment but you never necessarily know if that moment’s going to come. When it actually does, I lose feeling in my arms (laughs). You can see me shaking them out as I?m coming to the ring, because I?m thinking, ?I can?t work a match here without feeling in my hands.? Thankfully, it came back.”

On who suggested lighting a table on fire at WrestleMania 22:
“Stupidly, it was my suggestion (laughs). There’s no way Mick would suggest me to go face-first through a flaming table. That was all me. I was just in a mode at that point where I really wanted to show everyone that I felt I deserved to be champ, so I was going to do whatever it took to do that. I think in hindsight that maybe my character needed to show that, ?Yeah, OK, I can do the thumb tacks, the barbed wire and the flaming tables stuff, or I can be in there with Eddie Guerrero and try to go hold for hold ? may not do it, but I?ll try. I didn?t really realize until after the fact that no one had ever [gone through a flaming table] without a shirt on (laughs), and nobody had gone through face first. I ended up with burns all over my arms, scorched all of my hair off. Looking back, I don?t know if I would do that one again. But at the time it felt like the right thing to do.”

On working differently to add length to his career:
“Well, you definitely have to. I honestly think that’s part of the reason why I got higher on the card. That’s one of the things that I was told right from the beginning. I remember Steve Austin saying, ?Yeah, you have to pick and choose. You have to be careful.? And I just thought I was indestructible.”

On if he will do anything with Christian again in WWE:
“I?m hoping they do. I think at some point they have to. I think the audience wants to see it. I always said it?d be cool whenever the day is that one of us or both us of retired to kind of do a little reunion tour before we did. Just because we grew up together and we have been best friends for 25 years, so it would just be a lot of fun to do. It’s been awesome having him back because we ride together again. And we?re just a couple of idiots, so it’s a lot of fun to travel and ride the roads with your best friend.”

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