We’ve received some more feedback on our two original articles regarding a WWE.com interview with Christian where they make it clear that he has never held a World Title in his career at this link (original article) and this link.

Joseph Frost sent this in: I don’t know what the big deal is. Maybe WWE isn’t telling him to say this. Maybe it’s from his heart. Look at the old NWA. You see how valuable the NWA World Championship was and how many great champions wore it. Then TNA claims the belt as their own and it (becomes) worthless. It’s not as worthy as it used to be. So maybe Christian thinks as the NWA World Title as something as high up as the Light Heavyweight Championship from WWE. WWE notices Ric Flair as NWA Champion because the belt was something to be proud of back in the ’80s. So (personal opinion), WWE should get all the blame in Christian’s statement.