Carlos sent this in:

Wasn’t sure if you noticed this during today’s episode of RAW, but during the Cena/Show Match, a fan had a sign that said “I’m Surrounded by Marks”. If you watch closely you can see security hop the gate, and make their way over to the fan and take away his sign. He’s sitting directly opposite to where the main camera is facing the ring, so the camera’s did cut away a few times. It happens right before Show goes to jump off the corner to land on Cena. Just thought I’d pass this along in case you didn’t see it since I remember a few months back you pointing out that WWE has been doing this at many events.

Brad Tucker sent this in:

They plugged Wrestlemania 25 tonight on Entertainment Tonight. During their “time capsule” segment they aired Wrestlemania 3 when Mary Hart was the guest time keeper followed by trivia as to what date that occurred. After they gave the answer they said to check out WM 25 Sunday on ppv. Thought it was pretty cool.