Kane on Undertaker vs. HBK, Mania

The Sun in the UK has an interview up with WWE star Kane. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If he considered Undertaker vs. HBK the real main event:
“Yeah, I think so, especially for me. They?ve had very few previous matches and to put them in a bout at WrestleMania just means so much more. And both are going to genuinely be out to prove something, as both could legitimately claim that title of Mr WrestleMania. And remember that Undertaker has never defeated Shawn Michaels in a one-on-one match. But none of those ? including the one where I made my debut back in 1997 ? were at WrestleMania, where Undertaker is always at his best. So you are going to see be a tremendous match between two future Hall Of Famers that will be a once in a lifetime event for our fans.”

On his relationship with The Undertaker:
“Undertaker’s helped a lot of people, myself included. I wouldn?t be in the position that I?m at if it wasn?t for him. He’s a stabilizing force backstage and he’s always helping the young guys out and passing on his knowledge and his expertise. So I?d say so but, I?d also say that I?m not the only one he’s a mentor to.”

On the “Money in the Bank” match this year:
“It has the potential to steal the show. Last year’s was an incredible match and the athletes that are in it this year are amazing. Especially Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston. I think this is an opportunity for Kofi to break out as this deal is tailor made for him. He is one of the best athletes by far on our roster and in the Money In The Bank match you get to showcase that and cause a big buzz.”

On the passing of Andrew “Test” Martin:
“I don?t know how old Andrew was when we met, he was just a kid. I worked with him quite a bit and I tried to help him learn how to be a big guy in WWE. So when I heard the news I was very upset.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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