During his appearance on WFAN AM Sports Radio during the “Boomer and Carton Show”, WWE star John Cena continued to repeat statements that he has never done steroids in his life reports PWInsider. Matt E. passed on a link to a podcast of the show at this link.

WrestleView’s own Anthony Valvo (“From the Desk of Mr. V”) sent this in: First time I wanted to mention something. I was watching ESPNews just now and they had John Cena on the Hot List promoting both Wrestlemania and his movie 12 Rounds. The brief time I watched it they mentioned his action movies, the transistion of wrestler to actor (which is not too hard he said), and any signs of him retiring (he plugged Curt Schilling’s retirement during that portion). I do not have a link to it, but I am sure it will be on ESPN sometime this evening.