Kevin Gillman sent these notes in:

I wrote earlier about Smackdown being shown on My43 in Cleveland from 8PM-9:30PM. Well, I tuned in and saw there was an informercial. Not even a crawl on the screen saying Smackdown would air after the Cleveland State-Wake Forest game. To me, that is unacceptable for any network. If you’re changing programming, at least let the viewers know. I’ll update you later tonight after the College Basketball game to see if it’s on after the game.

Update: My43 in Cleveland aired a commercial for Smackdown tonight at 12 Midnight, after the Cleveland State-Wake Forest game. So it will follow the game tonight after all.

Shawn W. Conley sent this in:

I read the article ‘Note on Smackdown in Cleveland’. I actually live in Willoughby, Ohio which is east of Cleveland and Smackdown was not shown at all. There was an infomercial that started at 8:00PM, then it cut to an episode of ‘That 70’s Show’ then it cut to the basketball game. Nothing like missing history, even though CBS was cutting between both the Ohio State game and the CSU game.