Ronda Rousey is featuring an interview with Ronda Rousey where she talks about her current transition to the world of WWE and pro wrestling from mixed martial arts.

The article notes that Rousey, 31, initially committed to a “set timeline” with WWE during her debut this past January at the close of the Royal Rumble PPV.

Rousey, who’s stated publicly that she wants to start a family, had admitted that her transition to wrestling has gone so well that she might rethink the time limits.

“I love this way more than I ever thought I would.¬†We had a set timeline set, and now we aren’t so sure about it because I love it so much. I guess that’s the best thing that could’ve happened, that I would love it so much it would be so hard to stop. I can see why people have a hard time leaving this industry because it’s such a joy to be a part of every day.”

Rousey challenges Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Title this Sunday at SummerSlam.