WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross appeared on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open Radio” today. Among the topics he discussed was Becky Lynch’s heel turn, SummerSlam and Ronda Rousey winning the RAW Women’s Championship.

On the Becky Lynch heel turn, Ross feels that the roles are a bit reversed and that Charlotte Flair should be the heel instead. Ross says he has spoken to Becky and she said she is excited to be playing a heel now, in particular, she was excited to be able to get more promo time, feeling that she is better on the mic than she gets credit for.

Ross states that he feels it is harder though for Becky to be the heel, as a 6 foot baby face is always a hard sell. He made the comparison to when he hired Mick Foley in the 90s to feud with The Undertaker, saying that it was always hard to portray Undertaker in an emphatic way due to his size, as compared to smaller guys on the roster.

The interview runs a little over thirty minutes, which you can view above.