WWE is teasing a confrontation between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman tomorrow night on RAW live from Toronto.

Strowman issued the following on Twitter at Reigns:

Reigns then shot back with the following:

Miz and Maryse on becoming parents

Fox News is featuring an interview with The Miz and Maryse where they talk about becoming parents for the first time this year and adapting to a new schedule.

The couple were interviewed on the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards this week.


“She’s my heart, she’s everything. I mean just being here, it’s date night, but I’m like ‘OK we gotta go, she’s at the hotel. I can’t believe four hours of sleep is good and that we’re Ok.”


“My favorite times is when everyone is sleeping and [Monroe] wakes up and I just have her in my arms and she just stares at me – she knows that I’m dad. Monroe is a pretty easy baby, to be honest.”