Austen Allen sent this in: I’m watching Smackdown and as the show kicked off on the Titantron it said under the Smackdown logo “WrestleMania 30 days away”. After the Edge vs Kofi Kingston match started it had changed to “WrestleMania 23 days away”. They obviously made some sort of mistake when splitting up the March 6th and March 13th tapings.

Joseph Frost sent this in: When Smackdown started with the pyro opening, I noticed something. It said 30 Days Away for WrestleMania 25. Later in the show, possibly the second half of the show, it said 23 days. So either the pyro was a clip from last week’s episode or WWE made a mistake on updating their information.

Note from Adam Martin: Considering the last two episodes of Smackdown were taped in the same night, it is possible a production error was made.