WWE star Samoa Joe recently conducted an interview with In the interview, Joe discusses a variety of topics, including his current feud with WWE Champion AJ Styles, WWE 2K19, and Smackdown Live moving to Fox next October.

You may view some highlights of the interview below.

On being featured in WWE 2K19 and AJ Styles being on the cover:

“I think the first time you actually see a digital representation of yourself it’s crazy. It’s this really exciting feeling because you are part of video game history forever, especially coming up as a gamer. As years go by and seeing the technology advance and graphics get that more precise and the characters get that much more like the people. It’s surreal to see the evolution and seeing how your own character model has progressed.”

“When you look at that I think it’s indicative with how wrong people were about guys like AJ Styles and myself. To see us here now and thriving in this environment is no surprise to us. To see someone like him on the cover of 2K, it just feels right. He had a tremendous run. And we’re looking to correct that on my end.”

On his current feud with AJ Styles, including having AJ’s family involved:

“The feud has kind of never gone away, indicative of the people involved. Everywhere I’ve gone AJ has been a constant presence staring across from me in the locker room. It’s no surprise to see our feud ignited here and still going strong.”

“I think at this point we have some battle-hardened families who have seen it all. They’ve been steeped and immersed in the lifestyle that we do. If anything, they very much understand the circumstances that exist, and it has been no issue to them.”

On Smackdown Live moving to Fox next October:

“The move will have a massive impact. Something that is missing from the primetime, mainstream lineup is something that is live. To have SmackDown Live on Fox is a big opportunity for WWE and a lot of the superstars. It’s a big introduction back into a large portion of mainstream America. I’m looking forward to it.”