According to some new reports making the rounds, there is said to be lots of frustration among WWE’s creative team due to Vince McMahon’s behavior as of late.

It is well known that working under Vince can be very challenging for everyone involved in WWE as he is described as being very frantic and changes his mind constantly about the creative direction of the company. In turn, this frustrates many employees as it means a lot of extra work that many see as unnecessary.

One WWE source described Vince has being especially hard to work with lately, noting that he has been snapping at people and constantly changing his mind about storyline directions. Those who are immune to Vince’s behavior seem only to be the wrestlers as he rarely has a negative word to say to them. Instead, the support staff around Vince ends up taking a brunt of it.

One big company initiative taking place right now reportedly is to stop leaks to wrestling media news sources than ever before in the past. Vince was described as being almost obsessed with stopping stories from leaking out of the company and his lieutenants are making this very clear to their subordinates. One example of this already was Vince ordering the ring crew to cover the Elimination Chamber earlier in the day at the site of the No Way Out PPV to prevent leaks from hitting the internet of Edge’s involvement in both matches while wrestlers worked out spots for the show that evening.