We are one episode away from Smackdown’s 1000th episode. In This week’s WWE List This!, they feature ‘5 forgotten SmackDown moments’.

1) Big Show / Undertaker
After Big Show “nearly ended” Undertaker’s career with a gorilla press slam off the Smackdown stage. Big Show and Paul Heyman wanted to apologize. Two surprises were sent to the ring (in big wooden boxes) where one of them was a small little puppy. While Undetaker was breaking the second box to find out what’s in it, Big Show attacked him.

2) Cena with Bull Buchanan and Rodney Mack
John Cena underwent several changes to his look from 2002 to 2003. These changes included two random allies. First was B-2 (B-Squared) which was Bull Buchanan. Cena eventually gave the boot to Buchanan and brought in Red Dog (Rodney Mack). This also didn’t last long. Cena gave him the boot after his loss to Eddie Guerrero.

3) Batista to choose between Triple H or JBL
After Batista won The 2005 Royal Rumble, he was struggling to decide which champion he would face, Triple H or JBL at Wrestlemania 21. On Valentine’s Day 2005, JBL’s limosine almost ran him over and Triple H saved his Evolution teammate.

4) Broken Glass arm wrestling match
Before SummerSlam 2008, Triple H accepted a broken glass arm wrestling match against the Great Khali. Khali ended up attacking Triple H and squeezing his head.

5) Gulf of Mexico
In 2012, during their match, Jack Swagger brought Rey Mysterio outside to throw him into the Gulf of Mexico. Mysterio endded up sending Jack Swagger into the Gulf first. Then Kane came and chokeslammed Rey into the water.

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