– On tonight’s Smackdown, they push that new ECW champion Ezekiel Jackson is joining the Friday night brand.

Stephanie McMahon was interviewed by WWE Magazine for their special WrestleMania 26 Almanac. She talked about having a soft spot for giants like Big Show and Great Khali saying she had a special bond with Andre the Gitant as a child. Recalling Wrestlemania III, she said: “I knew that night that Andre was hurting, and having some back trouble. When my dad was in booking meetings, I always listened in, and I remember hearing a lot about Andre and the pain he was in. So I watched that match [Andre vs. Hulk Hogan[ with a lot of emotion, feeling sorry for my friend. For me personally, that was the most poignant moment I ever experienced at WrestleMania.” Other Wrestlemania moments that were
special to her: “I think certain moments stand out more than others, like Undertaker-Shawn from last year. The WrestleMania 24 Orlando show stands out for me because of the open roof and because the spectacle of it all felt so special.”

– Savannah [Angela Fong] has a not very PG role as a sorority girl in a recent direct-to-video release called Ratko: The Dictator’s Son. The film was shot before she signed with WWE and features nudity throughout and scenes of drug use. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)