Video: The Authors of Pain capture the RAW Tag Team Championships on Monday night

We have new tag team champions on RAW.

The Authors of Pain defeated Seth Rollins in a handicap match to become the new RAW Tag Team Champions on Monday night from Manchester, England.

RAW Acting General Manager Baron Corbin booked the match, forcing Rollins to defend both tag team titles without Dean Ambrose.

Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s live RAW recap:

Corbin is shown on the titantron. Security guards are barricading his door. Corbin says it is possible for Rollins to defend two titles at once. Corbin wants Rollins to defend the titles with his partner against these guys… AOP makes their entrance with Drake Maverick.

Akam tags back in, and Rollins fights AOP off. Rollins clotheslines Rezar over the top rope and punches away at Akam. Akam reverses a whip, but Rollins ducks a clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Rezar. Rollins gets Akam out of the ring and hits a suicide dive on AOP. Rollins gets Akam in the ring and hits a springboard clothesline. Rollins follows up with a Sling Blade on Rezar. Rollins hits Akam with a blockbuster, but he can only get a near fall out of it. Drake Maverick shouts instructions from ringside. Rollins starts stomping the mat. Rollins kicks Akam, but Rezar sweeps the feet. Maverick was distracting the referee while that happened. Rollins fights AOP off and superkicks Akam and Rezar. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits Rezar with a frog splash for a near fall. Rollins goes for a Stomp on Rezar, but Rezar counters with a vicious powerbomb. Akam tags in, and AOP hits Rollins with a neckbreaker/sit-out powerbomb combo for the win.