Brock Lesnar

Brett Okamoto of ESPN is featuring an article with comments from USADA addressing a recent test discrepancy involving Brock Lesnar.

USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) acknowledged a “technical glitch” that led to inaccurate testing data appearing on the online database.

Prior to the glitch, Lesnar was listed as being tested six times by USADA this past year. That number mysteriously changed to five shortly after October. According to USADA, the original figure was flawed and the current number of five tests is now accurate.

“USADA updates the Athlete Test History page of the UFC/USADA website on a weekly basis. During an update on the week of October 15th, we experienced a technical issue that resulted in the information on the page being displayed incorrectly. The correct test history for the athlete is one test [that week], not two. The issue has been fixed and the testing numbers on the website are all accurate. We are still investigating the specific technical issue that led to the error.”

Jeff Novitzky, UFC’s Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, also commented and didn’t seem concerned about the glitch on the public database.

“I have access to a more specific database than the public, which displays the date a sample is collected, what type of sample it is and what the results are as soon as they are available. The public website, as I understand it, indicated there had been two tests during this last quarter, and it recently dropped to one. I have always seen one test in this quarter for Lesnar. It was a urine test and it came back negative.”

Lesnar, who is the current WWE Universal Champion, re-entered the USADA testing pool this past summer after showing up at UFC 226 and confronting new UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. Cormier had just defeated Stipe Miocic.

Just a few weeks ago, UFC President Dana White described the potential of a fight between Lesnar and Cormier as an “unknown” despite Cormier being asked again about a fight with Lesnar after his victory at UFC 230 over Derrick Lewis.

If you missed it yesterday, current WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins stated he found it “slightly insulting” that Lesnar was the current Universal Champion in the company as he is does not make regular appearances for WWE at TV and live events.