New Smackdown women's champion at TLC

Asuka won the first ever Women’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to capture her first WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship on Sunday night.

What happened in the first Women’s TLC match?

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were up on the ladder fighting. Ronda Rousey came walking down to the ring and decided to pay back Becky and Charlotte by pushing the ladder, causing Becky and Charlotte to fall to the outside. This allowed Asuka to climb up the ladder and capture her first Women’s championship.

Quick history of the Ronda, Becky and Charlotte feud

The Monday prior to Survivor Series, Becky attacked Ronda Rousey backstage on RAW and later suffered a broken nose from Nia Jax. The match between Becky and Ronda never happened. Becky had picked Charlotte as her replacement for Survivor Series. Ronda ended up winning the match against Charlotte by disqualification. Charlotte attacked Ronda with a kendo stick and did a number on her.

The storyline continued tonight with Ronda Rousey’s payback causing Becky not to retain and causing Charlotte a chance of winning the championship.