A new “WWE Day Of” series has been uploaded (above) profiling WWE Champion Daniel Bryan before his championship defense against AJ Styles at TLC.

Bryan addresses having to change up his style in the last year since his return to the ring at WrestleMania and the high expectations that were set when he returned.

“I felt a little trapped when I came back. I had this new idea for a style that I wanted to wrestle. But when you come back at WrestleMania, oh, I kept having people tell me, ‘People want to see…they want to make sure you are okay and that you are healthy. They want to see you do all the old stuff. They want to see…you know, do all the dropkicks in the corner and the dives through the ropes.’ And all this kind of stuff and it felt like a trap.

To be trapped into a certain way of doing it. And granted, regardless of how you go out there and do what we do, it’s a joy to do and it’s a pleasure. Especially when you haven’t done it for so long. But then after a while, when doing the dropkicks in the corner starts to  wear thin and you no longer want to dive through the ropes, then it feels like a trap. Getting rid of the old, it feels like liberation.”