Top 5 Forgotten Brock Lesnar Moments, Naomi comments on Jimmy Uso arrest

WWE has uploaded a new “List This!” video focusing on Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his top five forgotten moments in the company.

The top 5 includes:

– Brock Lesnar invades WWE Headquarters in Stamford

– Why Lesnar vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin didn’t take place in 2002

– Paul Heyman bails on Brock Lesnar

– Lesnar introduces a submission during his run as WWE Champion

– Lesnar gets in the ring with Mr. Perfect in a dark match

Naomi comments on Jimmy Uso arrest

WWE star Naomi (Trinity Fatu) briefly commented on her status following the arrest of her husband Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu) earlier this week in Detroit.

Naomi was driving a vehicle pulled over by police in an incident that eventually led to the arrest of Jimmy Uso. She indicated on Twitter they are safe and fine.

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