Video: Kofi Kingston on Mustafa Ali getting hurt, Getting shot at Elimination Chamber

WWE has posted a new “Day Of” video (above) focusing on Kofi Kingston as he prepared for the Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match last Sunday.

WWE gives a behind the scenes look with Kingston talking about the ball rolling earlier in the week on Smackdown Live in the gauntlet match, replacing Mustafa Ali.

“It’s pretty awesome, you know what I’m saying? Not awesome that Mustafa Ali got hurt. It actually sucks because he is doing very well. For a young guy coming in being thrust into the main event scene, handing it very well, performing very well, delivering very well, it always sucks when you have to go out on an injury and not on your own terms.

“For me though, I’ve been around here long enough to know you are only one match away. You are only one match away from the next big thing.”