During tonight’s Smackdown Live, Charlotte Flair announced she would be appearing on RAW this Monday night after Ronda Rousey left her title in the ring on Monday.

Charlotte stated she will show up and expects Vince McMahon to officially crown her as the new RAW Women’s Champion going into WrestleMania.

Excerpt courtesy of Roy Nemer’s live Smackdown recap:

Charlotte says tat Ronda had this to say about a true champion. They air a clip of Ronda talking back in November about how a champion can’t decide who they want to fight, they have to be the best champion on their worst day. Charlotte says they finally agree on something. But the difference between the two of them is that she will never quit. And she will never lay down that title because she is the true champion.

That’s why next Monday on Raw, she will show up that way Mr. McMahon can crown the new Raw women’s champion. Someone who deserves it. The queen, Charlotte Flair.