As reported earlier, Matt Hardy made a surprise return to WWE during Smackdown Live on Tuesday night, teaming with his brother Jeff against The Bar.

This was Matt’s first appearance in the ring for WWE since last September, when he had previously been in a tag team run with Bray Wyatt as his “Woken” character.

PWInsider is reporting that a clause in Matt and Jeff’s current WWE deals allowed the previous two-year deal to roll over into a third year.

In the video above, Matt and Jeff were asked what kind of message they were hoping to send to the current Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos tonight.

Matt indicated The Hardy Boyz were back as a team.

“I think we sent a very specific and special message today. And basically that is this: myself, Matt Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy, we are the greatest tag team in all of time and space. And we are back together to prove that without a shadow of a doubt.”