Roman Reigns on being able to inspire other cancer patients after his return

WWE has posted a preview clip (above) from the latest episode of “WWE Chronicle” that will premiere tonight on the WWE Network following RAW.

Roman Reigns returning to WWE last week on RAW is the focus of this episode. In the clip, Reigns talks about being able to inspire other cancer patients after he announce his public battle with leukemia was now officially in remission.

“In a weird way it makes me sad, but it makes me happy too. Initially you think like, man this is what had to happen to reach some of these people. But at the same time, I’m just glad it reached some people. Like if it reaches one child, you know what I mean, that one kid fighting for his life, going through all this different treatment, sitting on a bed by himself and he can somehow, you know, use me as an image, something, you know, to work towards, something to drive him, light at the end of the tunnel…if that one kid can say, if Roman can do it, I can do it, then I think my job is done.”

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