Shane Andreasen sent this in:

I recently pre-ordered the Wrestlemania XXVI Blu-ray from Best Buy, and ran into some interesting date changes. Originally the Blu-ray was slated for release May 4th, alongside the DVD release. Then I received an updated email from informing me that the Blu-ray release had been pushed to July 6th. Then I received ANOTHER update saying the Blu-ray would not be released until Dec. 31st, 2025…by this time I’d be in my 40’s and I’m not really willing to wait that long for a Blu-ray edition of Wrestlemania XXVI.

I did some research and discovered Best Buy has purchased exclusive rights to WWE Blu-ray distribution. The Wrestlemania XXVI Blu-ray is slated for a July 6th release, it will be 3 blu ray discs, and will only be available through Best Buy. Sadly, it will not include Shawn’s farewell address. Here is an article with the details if you’re interested –

And an excerpt from the article – “Well, in case it wasn’t clear as day, the official announcement has been made that Best Buy has struck a deal to have exclusive rights to titles from WWE Home Video on Blu-ray for a period of several months. Upcoming titles include WWE: Wrestlemania XXVI (Three-disc collector edition) and WWE: Best Pay-per-View Matches 2009-2010, slated for July 6 and July 20, respectively.”