WWE is featuring an interview (above) with new Universal Champion Seth Rollins where he talks about beating Brock Lesnar at last night’s SummerSlam.

Rollins says it was great to beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and hold the title for a few months, but SummerSlam was the Lesnar he wanted to face. Rollins needed to know how good he was personally and says it could be the greatest victory of his career.

Rollins was asked about celebrating on RAW. He joked that he may have to camp in the arena because he is so banged up.

“It just took every ounce of me to get that ‘W’ and that was the one I wanted. WrestleMania was what it was. Holding the title for a couple of months was what it was, but that’s the Brock Lesnar I wanted, man. That’s the competitor that I wanted in the ring. I need to know how good I am, you know? I go out there every single night and I tell the world how good I am and that’s the proof. I can’t do that without him coming with that: all that is Brock Lesnar. That might be my greatest victory in the history of my career. Greater than WrestleMania. This is it. I said it last week on RAW: this is everything I am. This is all I got.”