– Dave Meltzer indicated Sunday night on the LAW that Batista is indeed on his way out of WWE. The editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wasn’t sure when Batista would depart from the company, but obviously it is sooner than later.

– This will be an interesting week for Jim Ross. His WWE contract expires this week. JR signed contract extensions since his original deal expired, but apparently management has not extended him a new multi-year deal. It should be noted that unofficially, Ross was penciled in to commentate at Wrestlemania, but Vince McMahon nixed the plan.

– Bill Goldberg was interviewed by MonstersAndCritics.com on Friday following his eviction from the Celebrity Apprentice television show this past week. When he was asked about if he’s continuing his relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon, Goldberg said that would happen if both sides can come to a contractual agreement. “What they’ve put forth right now is something that I will not accept,” Goldberg said. “So is it something that I’m striving for? Absolutely not. Is it something that I would like to happen because I’ve got a little boy and it would wonderful for him to walk in the toy store and to be able to pick up a, you know, his – excuse me, like he says, a baby-daddy figure, you know, that would be awesome.” Goldberg said that he’s going to stand his ground and if a deal happens it will only happen if it is to his liking only. Earlier this week a fan asked him on Twitter about the status of the talks and Goldberg said that WWE first must realize that they’re not dealing with just another wrestler, the first hint that the talks were stalled. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)