Ted DiBiase Jr. on the break-up of Legacy

In an interview with Brian Fitz of fanhouse.com, WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr. comments on the break-up of Legacy, Virgil and more.

“The Legacy was a good run. It was successful, people were into it. Whether you liked us or hated us, you wanted to see us. I think it was a great learning experience. It was something nice to hold on to at the beginning of a career, being paired with Randy Orton. As much as I dislike him now, it was good for learning, good for the career. The breakup, I think, was inevitable with Cody (Rhodes) and I both wanting to go our own ways and chase for a title. That was hard to do as a tag team. We both want our own, very successful careers. He’s on Smackdown now, I’m on Raw still. I think he’ll do very well and be very successful. I know I will.”

To read the entire interview, click here.

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