Steve Parsons sent this in:

Just wanted to shoot you an email on what happened after The Undertaker/Rey Mysterio match. Jack Swagger beat down on Rey Mysterio, then Mysterio hit a 619 randomly. Then a strange series of superstars came out: JTG, R-Truth, MVP, Matt Hardy, and Christian, all came out and performed their finishers, then all 5 did a “Balling” Elbow drop, all did signature Jack Swagger pushups, etc.

After they exited, Tony Chimel says, “And still world heavyweight champion, the All American American Jack Swagger” noting to earlier when Swagger came out for his tag match saying that he was still champion several times. Swagger then was helped to the back having more issues walking than an intoxicated person. This segment appeared to be the replacement for the advertised Swagger vs Big Show match.

Steve Parsons