Kyle Merritt sent this in:

I was also in attendance for the Smackdown tapings in Cleveland, Ohio.

The advertised match was not Swagger v.s Big Show (as they already were involved in a tag match during the show). During various email advertisements to sell last minute tickets, advertisements read Jack Swagger v.s. The Undertaker for the World Title. At some point during the Rey/Taker match, Rey bumped Taker in the nose with his knee or leg as he sprung off the ropes. Taker had a bloody nose before taking a 619 as well as when he tombstoned and pinned Rey. During Taker’s fade to dark purple lighting, he callously (HA! pun) demanded the ring lackey give him a towel to whip off the blood from his nose. Once he was clean, he did his pose as if nothing had happened.

Pretty good chance once Taker got backstage he opted out of the dark match immediately.. sighting the bloody nose and no need to look old or weak and defame his character wrestling the world champ. Way for Swagger to take a pathetically ugly beatdown for the team!