5/30 WWE Results: Memphis, TN

Credit: Jason Sharp and GERWECK.NET:

Just got home from the RAW Houseshow! Have to say that it was AMAZING!!! One of the best shows ive been too! Better than when Smackdown was here in Feb.

Evan Bourne def. Zack Ryder with the Airbourne. Good back and forth match. Both got decent reactions. Crowd behind Evan of course.

Jerry Lawler comes out to a huge hometown pop thanking Memphis and saying how much he loves his hometown. Edge interrupts and shoots down Memphis and says that Elvis or Lawler arent “The King” he is!(too which i agreed lol) Jerry gets rid of Edge and Edge shoots to the back.

Up next is Maryse vs Eve for the divas champ! Santino is special guest referee
It wasnt really a technical match but they both played to the crowd really well. Maryse did her hairflip thousands of times much to the crowds approval and Eve popped her ass and did a backflip also to the crowds approval.(Of course i was solidly behind “The Premier Diva” Maryse.) Nice little match. It was pretty much their Over The Limit match with a few fun houseshow moments added in such as Eve spanking Maryse, Maryse hitting Santino in the head, and Maryse running around the ring from Eve. Eve def Maryse with her front flip senton.

Gail Kim is out next looking for a guest bell ringer for the next match and she is lookin great! In a familiar looking black dress lol. (She also came out later in the evening to throw t-shirts.Crowd was hot for her both times she came out) She asked a girl who the GM of Raw was which she answered correctly.

Next match is Goldust vs Dos Caras Jr. Pretty decent match. Goldust got a pretty good crowd reaction. Fans were begging for him to hit the Shattered Dreams to no avail. Dos got a decent reaction considering hes pretty much unknown. Goldust got the win with the Final Cut.

Wade Barrett comes out issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. Cue Mark Henry to a huge crowd reaction!!! Mark Henry comes out and of course defeats Wade with the World Strongest Slam. He played to the crowd really well also.

R-Truth vs The Miz for the U.S. Championship. Miz cuts a promo and as he says “Cuz im The Miz and”….the crowd goes “Im Awesome!!!” Miz saw the crowd was behind him so he says that they fail at saying “Im Awesome” to get some heel heat.He succeeded. Truth comes out and does his usual schtick. Really nice match!! Crowd was so hot for R-Truth!!! R-Truth won with the Lie Detector and played to the crowd!

Next is Hart Dynasty vs Regal and Koslov. I missed most of the match but Natalya did great playing to the crowd and interfering. D.H. Smith won with the sharpshooter. I also got to touch Natalyas cold but perfect hand lol

Jerry Lawler comes out to face Edge. Edge defeats him with the spear. Afterwards they have a brawl and Jerry knocks Edge out cold with the piledriver. Edge has a hard time getting up after that.

Main event up next and its John Cena vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship!!!!! John Cena got the biggest pop ive ever heard him get in a while!!! Louder than Lawler! Crowd was solidly behind him!!! Jericho comes out next with Wade Barrett to the biggest heat of the night. A great back and forth match!!! Barrett interferred but got sent to the back. He came back out later in the match. Jericho got the Walls of Jericho on Cena then Cena reversed it into the STF but jericho broke out. Cena ended up winning with the FU sending the crowd home happy!

Biggest Pop
John Cena
Jerry Lawler
R-Truth/Mark Henry

Biggest Heat

SN: Got to meet Jericho at a signing earlier that day. I gave him a pic i drew of Maryse and told him to give it to her lol hope he doesnt forget!!