The author of WWE Encyclopedia and the upcoming WWE Championships books, Kevin Sullivan has posted comments made by Bret Hart that did not make it into the Championships book. On working with his brother Owen, Bret had this to say:

“Looking back today, I find I can slip back and remember little moments with my brother Owen in the ring all the time. As a matter of fact, I just bursted out laughing at something the other day. It was when I got Owen and Davey to come join me in the Hart Foundation. I had been fighting Owen for a couple years and suddenly I’m in the ring telling him that we shouldn’t fight and that they should join me. And I remember his facial expressions, they were so hilarious. I sold him in 30 seconds … all was forgiven and we were back together. When I talk to wrestlers today, they still say how much fun Owen was. He never made it seem like work.”

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