From Alfonso Marimon:

Just wanted to give you guys some quick live notes and some personal opinions from the Vault, I (Al M.) was able to attend the show. But could not bare to stay there for the entire third hour as this was the worst wrestling event I have ever attended in my life. More on that this Wednesday Morning on a very exclusive podcast, at

Al’s Vault: My Very Last Monday Night Raw Experience.

On with some very quick notes, its late and I am tired (sorry for any misspellings):

– MVP was only shown on the Tron, and got a huge pop from the crowd, I am still trying to figure out why the WWE decided not to have him wrestle a single match on Raw tonight, seeing how he is from Miami.

– As we walked into the American Airlines Arena, one fan slipped and messed up his back, it was rainy hard before the show, so the floors were wet, he was shocked but should be alright.

– The arena was only about 85% full.

– The crowd was absolutely dead, and was the worst Live crowd I have ever been apart of.

– Big show and Chris Jericho and the crowd worked all well together.

– Bret Hart come of kinda of strange on the microphone, but Teddy Long was there to save him.

– There was a strange Arm Wrestling match between Michael Cole and Santino Marella, Marella lost.

– R-Truth got a great live crowd reaction.

– Jericho was a jerk once again, parking in the same spot he did the last time WWE was in town for Smackdown, he ignored fans standing several feet away from him, more like inches, pictures tomorrow.

– The crowd was dead all night.

– There was now pyros at the beginning of the show.

– There was more wrestling during the two taped Superstars than the first 2 and a half hours of Raw.

– The crowd was absolutely dead during the Edge vs Orton match.

– The Womens Battle Royal was a botch fest.

– Rey Mysterio was real cool signing autographs with out his mask on, pictures tomorrow.

– Sheamus got no crowd reaction whatsoever.

– The crowd was 90% kids, which were all asleep by the end of the night.

– Over 200 fans left during the first 15 mins of the third hour of Raw. I am sure that number was a lot higher.

– More tomorrow and Wednesday on, including tons of pictures.


Al M.